The aim of the innovative SCOF process is to provide a sustainable solution to the problems caused by iron ochre. For more information, 1 888 883-0432.

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    The SCOF Solution

    The device SCOF – Iron Ochre Control System, is the first sustainable solution proposed by OCREXPERT to solve your residential problems caused by iron ochre.
    Durability: Once iron ochre is present, it is almost impossible to get rid of it once and for all. OCREXPERT offers the only sustainable solution on the market that can counter iron ochre in the long term.



    Once iron ochre is present, it is almost impossible to get rid of it once and for all. OCREXPERT offers the only sustainable solution on the market that can counter iron ochre in the long term.


    Robust Design

    The SCOF is a stainless steel industrial grade machine with a modern look adapted to the residential.



    Patented process completely natural and safe. It is harmless for the health of the occupants and for the environment. It does not leave any chemical residue in the air, water or soil.



    Ozone is generated locally and on demand, requiring only a minimal amount of energy. The SCOF will hardly affect your usual energy consumption.



    All part are guaranteed for a period of 5 years.


    Added Value

    The SCOF has been developed to provide a sustainable alternative to residences with disturbances caused by iron ochre. It restores the value of the property and ensures the durability of the drain system.



    O3 is a pale blue gas, even colorless. It eliminates the presence of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants quickly and efficiently. The use of ozone as a disinfectant reduces the use and storage of chemicals at home. Thus, the health of living beings remains intact. The strong oxidizing power of the ozone and the distribution system of the SCOF device allow to use only a tiny amount of ozone, thus causing no smell or discomfort.

    The SCOF generates the ozone on site using the patented OZOPEN process, thus requiring a minimal amount of energy. This solution hardly affects your usual energy consumption. Ozone offers both an environmentally friendly option and is effective against ferruginous bacteria.
    As a sanitizer, ozone is used in several areas:
    - Disinfection of drinking water.
    - Wastewater.
    - Antiseptic and bactericidal in the treatment of wounds.
    - Laundry, for washing white linen.
    - Food industry: disinfection of food products such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish by ozonated bath.
    - Agriculture: eradication of insects.
    - Bleaching agent in stationery.

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    To obtain the SCOF machine, contact your local installer. They will gladly come see the facts on site and provide you with an estimate. Each case is unique and it is necessary to offer a solution adapted to each building. The OCREXPERT solution is customized for each new installation, depending on the severity of the situation.
    Contact your local installer for more information.


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    What is iron ochre?

    Iron ochre is a deposit of iron hydroxide caused by ferruginous bacteria in the groundwater. When it proliferates, the iron ochre takes a lot of volume. We find it in the form of a gelatinous and viscous reddish mass. Ochre can be formed in two ways: chemically or biologically. The biological process is the most dangerous since it can proliferate up to 1 000 times faster and important in volume. The chemical process, on the other hand, is slower and is rarely a problem since ochre takes too long to form. Ochre is deposited on the textile membrane that surrounds the drain, closes the drain and its openings and then proliferates in catchment basins and around the pumps.

    What are the consequences of the presence of iron ochre?

    The accumulation of ochre deposit in a foundation drain causes basement flooding, excessive moisture and consequently the appearance of mold. This poses a serious threat to the quality of the air and thus to the health of the occupants.

    How is Ocrexpert different from its competitors?

    For a long time, homeowners with iron ochre problems were forced to disinfect their drainage system frequently to keep their home healthy. This type of expensive solution is impractical and inefficient since ferruginous bacteria, once present, cannot be completely eliminated. OCREXPERT offers the very first sustainable, economical and practical solution to the problem of iron ochre. It is a machine installed directly in the basement and disinfecting your drains 24 hours a day to ensure the sustainability of the facilities and the health of your building.

    How much does the OCREXPERT solution cost?

    Since each case is different and it is a personalized solution for each residence, contact us so that we can make you an estimate adapted to your needs.

    What is ozone?

    Ozone is a gas that is naturally found in the air, in very low doses. When concentrated, it acts as a very powerful disinfectant, killing bacteria and viruses as it passes.

    How is ozone produced and used?

    By a patented process, the Ozopen generates ozone directly on site and is distributed in the water. The ozonated water thus serves as a sanitizer and gradually eliminates any presence of iron ochre in the drains.

    What is the OCREXPERT solution?

    OCREXPERT proposes the machine SCOF: Iron Ochre Control System. Its purpose is to clean the residential drainage system with ozone. The machine is installed directly in the basement of the residence and is distributed in the drains.

    Who can install the machine?

    The SCOF machine must be installed by our OCREXPERT accredited installers.

    Can OCREXPERT professionals monitor the machine's operation?

    Absolutely, our OCREXPERT experts make a punctual follow-up to ensure the proper functioning of the system and the elimination of iron ochre.

    Is the machine guaranteed?

    All parts are guaranteed for a period of 5 years.

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